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Theatre Review: Monster of the Deep 3D (Belvoir)

In Arts, Brag 346 (January 25), Theatre Reviews on January 28, 2010 at 11:26 am

Belvoir St theatre (downstairs)
Monster of the Deep 3D
Runs until February 12.

Claudia O’Doherty’s aquatic-themed comedy Monster of the Deep 3D begins with a somewhat nervously delivered documentary-style presentation on the underwater “Aquaplex” civilization, and how O’Doherty came to be its only survivor.

O’Doherty comes across as overwhelmingly earnest and enthused as she crafts a stage persona so adorable, innocent and geeky that you almost believe she is in fact, the last remaining survivor of Aquaplex. And you begin to miss it with her.
She continues on a factual journey of Aquaplex, injected with graphs and diagrams, dramatic descriptions, humour, song, and even a highly bizarre dance routine. From her on-stage realization that it was a community of swingers, to her re-enactments of murderous colossal squid, it’s more in the delivery than in the content.

Monster of the Deep 3D won’t, however, have you in stitches. The humour is more delicately woven around stories and memories of Aquaplex, which makes this production beautiful, unexpected and quirky. Technical descriptions can sometimes feel a little too long and verbose; yet the nymph-like O’Doherty, is utterly captivating.

With a unique and precocious talent, it’s easy to see why she was recently awarded for Best Comedy at Melbourne’s 2009 Fringe Festival. Monster of the Deep 3D is a truly unique performance, and should not be missed by those who love the unusual.

Xanthe Seacret


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