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Interview: Juan Kidd

In Blog, Brag 337 (November 9), Interviews, Music on November 9, 2009 at 3:36 pm

Juan Kidd

His polite and softly spoken demeanour shouldn’t have you drawing any conclusions, because Juan Kidd is anything but a lightweight. He’d been an engineer and DJ for some time before adopting the music lifestyle full song. “Then I just started releasing records on my own; I did a track with Yousef and another with Alex Baumgartner and it was in the ARIA charts and Beatport for a bit. That was really the beginning” chimes an upbeat Juan.

But that’s history now. For Juan has spent time buzzing around in the European sunshine. “We’ve spent a fair bit of time touring – we’ve done summer in Ibiza where I’ve been playing for Eric Morillo at Pascha – and then I’ve also been working hard on my album coming out soon – and I’m also working on a new night we’ll be starting up soon in Manchester.”

And the album is set to be a bit of a mixed bag. “Basically, it’s a set of tracks – some that have been released earlier this year – and a few others that I’ve done; others are lifted from the back catalogue but I won’t tell you which ones yet! Overall though, the album should be something you can listen to in the car or on the way out. It’s like easy listening in the car and banging out the club all at the same time!”

“I think to be honest, it’s mostly what people are going to know me for; there will be some surprises there too. But I’ve found that dance artists mostly don’t sell albums any more. It’s aimed at being a DJ mix or a listening mix or simply a collection of good music. Other than that, I’ve also got a follow up to Now You’re Gone coming out on Defected with Stafford Brothers on there and a full vocal – it’s something you can hear in a big room environment. But I never set out to repeat the success of something I’ve done before. I think if we could do that all the time, life would be easy. You strive to work within your own sound and if it happens to do well, then so be it – but it’s not the over riding motivation, I have to say.”

As for the forthcoming festival dates, Juan claims it’s going to be a similar vibe to the way he plays in his smaller club sets. “I never know exactly what I’m going to play or what I’m going to do; I’ve got some big festival tracks prepared though and my record Come One which has been massive around the world will be coming as well! Basically, I’ll just try to bang it out as much as I can and get the crowd rocking as well – and Spark will be coming out to sing over a few tracks with me, so that will be pretty cool too. So specifically what will you hear? I can’t say – it might be electro or underground or whatever – well see!”

Who: Juan Kidd
When: November 28
Where: Stereosonic, Hordern Pavilion


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