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Comedy Review: Things That I Have Said Before / Josh Thomas

In Arts, Brag 336 (November 2), Live Comedy Reviews on November 3, 2009 at 11:31 am

Josh Thomas: Things That I Have Said Before
The Comedy Store, Moore Park
until November 8

Josh Thomas and I have a strange relationship. Not that we’ve ever met. Dismayed by his obvious dislike of my Masterchef jokes during my recent interview with him, I later found out, (via a friend on twitter), that he was joking, and I just didn’t get it. That is, of course, what comedians do. So it was with slight embarrassment (and secret excitement) that I went along to his new (old) show, Things I Have Said Before.

And I found that he does indeed put on a good show. As is obvious from the name, there is material you may have heard before, but the important thing is that it’s still very funny. Much of the humour comes from the contrast between the self proclaimed “50 year old baby’s” demure appearance and spurts of coarse language.

Most of the jokes are about the same thing – Josh’s inability to get laid – but his exaggeratedly awkward delivery is often brilliant. The occasional material about religion, the days of the old school yard and, of course, cooking shows, drew many audible belly laughs from the audience as well.

He’s only young, but Josh has entertained crowds like this all over Australia and in Belgium as well (you won’t be able to miss the hilarious Belgium mention in the show). A doting bunch of mums, dads, kids and my companion and I gathered after the performance to meet the star and get posters signed, but I stayed back, happy to remain anonymous. Until we meet again, Josh.

3.5 stars
Lucie Robson


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