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Brag 324 Cover Artist: Matt Winch

In Arts, Blog, Brag 324 (August 10), Music on August 12, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Bandits artwork montage Check out our fantasy-land cover this week: we rest our case. Matt Winch is the artist behind the artwork for Sydney club night Bandits – among other things! We caught up with him and his characters to find out more…

First of all, your art is very unique and identifiable, with many recurring characters, symbols and themes. How is your work inspired by the world around you?
I basically switch off and let the subconscious go. There generally is no set theme i go for, I just try to fit in as much as the page will let me. As far as recurring characters, symbols and themes. They’ve always been there I’ve just had more opportunity to get to know them, and over time friends have started to show up in the drawings, most of the time i try not to make it so obvious, it’s more of a secret i have with myself.

Do you have any formal artistic training?
Yes, i attended the National Art School, but i majored in Photography. We also had to take drawing classes the entire time, which were very structured, so in the end i took abstract drawing and drew colourful shapes for a whole year (my teacher loved them). Both of these mediums were so far apart from my illustration which has for me evolved from a love of drawing cartoons, which i’ve done since i was like 6.

The club scene has helped to create an iconic aura around your style of art. How has the exposure gained through your work in the club scene helped your art generally?
Over the years i’ve had opportunities and gone places which would have never been possible if i wasn’t involved in the club scene. Week in week out my drawings were reaching a massive audience which is both amazing and terrifying. From this i’ve met so many creative people and gained opportunities to push my art. Both illustration and photography.

Apart from your drawing, what other creative outlets do you have?
It’s funny, I consider myself a photographer first. I don’t go anywhere without a camera. I still average 5 to 6 rolls of film a week. I’m in talks now for having a show sometime next year based on my family, who i’ve documented my whole life. I plan to call the show “I promise i won’t show anyone”.

What are some places where your art has been featured outside of the club scene?
I’ve done murals in clubs in and around Sydney, been flown to Perth to do live painting. Been printed in loads of different magazines and been featured on different websites.
My photography has been recently printed in Empty Magazine and i have a photo in the soon-to-be-released book of international up and coming photographers released by Frankie Magazine. And i’ve got the chance to work for some cool brands like Skullcandy headphones in the states…….
You can check my photos at


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